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Hop aboard VoyagePro, The All-in-One Business Travel Platform. Simplifying booking and management, it's never been easier to navigate Canadian business travel.

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Partnered With Trusted Companies Across The Travel Industry.

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Negotiated Rates

Book private fares including program like Air Canada for Business and corporate fares online.

24/7 Customer Support

Count on us for all your travel-related needs and concerns, anytime.

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Personalized Support
Corporate Travel Portal
Individual Travel Portals
Customer Satisfaction
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Control Spending

Control your business travel costs with VoyagePro. Simplify cost management for corporate travel, saving time and money while enhancing traveller well-being.

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Offset Emissions

Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to sustainability efforts through automatic tracking and offsetting.

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Invoicing & Reports

Simplify travel expenses with BNW VoyagePro. Streamline invoicing and reporting for accounting and reimbursement.

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Get Access To Technology  That Elevate Your Travel Experience

Unrivaled Airline Access.

Our Seamless and direct connections to major carriers integrated with best in class global distribution delivers all fares, including business program fares like Air Canada for Business, Westjet Corporate and negotiated fare programs for governments, businesses and universities.

NDC Direct Connection With Air Canada.
NDC Direct Connection With WestJet.
Direct Connection With SABRE.
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Get Invoices on Demand

Invoice on demand is a convenient feature allowing you to easily access and generate invoices for your bookings. With just a few clicks, invoices can be quickly created and delivered, simplifying the billing process and providing you with the necessary documentation for accounting and reimbursement purposes.

Expense reports made for your accounting software.
Your invoices will always be accessible.
Filter and customize invoices.
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Fraud Control

BNW Business certifies when tickets are issued under negotiated and corporate fares eliminating hidden markups and ensuring you get the fare you contracted for and managing your risk.

Ends costly hidden mark-ups.
Ends contract fare switching.
Ends non-policy compliant bookings.

Administrative Control

Our travel policy builder & features give you as much or as little control as you need for your travel budget. allowing you to control, costs and liability by providing duty of care, price policy and approval options.

Self administered personal traveller portals.
Easy to view real time booking reports.
Multiple on boarding options.
Trip approval options.
Trip Cancellation
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Price Policy

Our price policy tool gives your employees the power to book their own price-compliant trips. Configure your price policy based upon fare class, geography or price and any combination thereof. You can also simply leave all approval to an approver. Or both, ie indicate whether a booking is complaint or non compliant but leave discretion to the approver.

Create different price policies for different groups.
Restrict punitive non-refundable/changeable fares.
Change policies in real time.
Select from our wide range of pre-made policies.
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Track and Offset Your Travel Emissions

We provide you a carbon offset certification which you may use to confirm your carbon neutral status. Our travel portals automatically tracks emissions, thus saving thousands in consulting time If you're ready to offset ou can review our world wide gallery of offset partners or contact us to add your own.

Automatic Co2 Tracking
Worldwide Gallery Of Co2 Projects
Carbon Offset Certificates
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Booking Approval Made Easy.

VoyagePro streamlines booking approvals for Travel Risk Managers. Enjoy flexible options and real-time trip reports for cost control and policy compliance.

Flexible streamlined employee booking approval.
Choose to approve only out of policy or all or none.
Apply unique price policies to each or all your employees.
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Full Airline Functionality

Experience VoyagePro's full airline functionality. Book all fare types, select seats, and access ancillaries effortlessly. Enjoy direct connections to major carriers like Air Canada and WestJet.

Book your corporate rates online including Air Canada For Business and WestJet Biz
Book all fare types, select seats, and ancillaries with ease
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Love from customers around the world

BNW Business's ROI is insane, I'm saving so much using my negotiated rates. The price policies has reduce non compliant bookings 10 fold.

Savannah Sarker
Small Business Owner

"Accessing exclusive fares and simplified invoicing with BNW Business  made booking trips a breeze. This is the best B2B Travel Tech Platform!"

Mahmud Niloy
Travel Manager
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"Managing employee travel with BNW Business's administrative control and duty of care options is easy. Exceptional customer service too."

Mackenzie Khan
Small Business Owner
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"Maximizing budget and controlling travel costs with BNW Business's negotiated rates and airline access. Easy-to-use reporting tools."

Mackenzie Khan
Corporate Travel Manager
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"The affiliate program has been a great partnership. Instant commission tracking and real-time reporting make earning commissions easy. "

Amanda Patel
Travel Agent
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Business Travel Services
Designed For Canada

VoyagePro is a business travel solutions specialized for entrepreneurs, business, universities, teams, affinity groups and government.

Travel Concierge

Let BNW VoyagePro Travel Concierge track your hotel bookings and get notified of price changes, saving you time and money on your trips.

Dynamic Policies

Control travel expenses and streamline bookings with BNW VoyagePro's Dynamic Price Policy tool. Customize policies by fare, class, and geography.


Get real-time reports and insights on your travel expenses with BNW VoyagePro's comprehensive analytics studio. Simplify your companies travel management today.

Integrated with your favourite softwares

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking

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