Booking Approvals

May 19, 2023

Our cutting-edge booking approval features are designed to give corporate travel managers the power to manage travel costs and ensure policy compliance efficiently.

At BNW, we understand that different organizations have different needs, and that's why our administrative control features offer flexible options for travel management. With our suite of travel administrator features, you can take control of costs, liability, and traveller safety, all while ensuring that duty of care and price policies are upheld.

Our Price Policy tool empowers your employees to book their own price-compliant trips, giving them the autonomy to make travel arrangements that align with your organization's policies. Our user-friendly interface allows you to configure price policies based on fare class, geography, price, or any combination thereof, ensuring that your travel budget is utilized effectively.

Approval Process

We understand that corporate travel managers need options for oversight, and that's why our platform provides the flexibility to leave approval decisions to a designated approver. Whether a booking is compliant or non-compliant, you have the discretion to leave the final decision to the approver. This ensures that all travel arrangements are thoroughly reviewed and approved before they are booked.

With BNW's Trip Approval options, real-time booking reports, and multiple onboarding options, managing corporate travel has always been challenging. Our self-administered personal traveller portals provide a seamless experience for employees, while our easy-to-view booking reports offer travel managers the insights they need to make informed decisions.

Our Commitment

At BNW Travel, we're committed to enhancing the travel management experience for corporate travel managers, and our booking approval solutions are a testament to that commitment. Let us help you streamline your corporate travel management process and achieve success in your travel program.

Book a demo with BNW Travel today and discover how our booking approval solutions can revolutionize the way you manage corporate travel​.

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