Manage Your Sustainability With VoyagePro

Advance your green initiatives with BNW VoyagePro, the platform that streamlines tracking and offsetting your corporate CO2 footprint. Elevate your travel strategy to eco-excellence and bolster your company’s commitment to sustainability.

Carbon Emission Tracking Made Easy

Choosing BNW Business for corporate travel propels you towards a more sustainable future, merging responsibility with your business itineraries.

About VoyagePro

Track and Offset Your Travel Emissions

Track Emissions

Track your company's travel emissions with our automated system, saving time and reducing the need for external consultants. Gain precise carbon insights to drive eco-friendly travel choices.

Offset Emissions

Offset your travel carbon footprint by selecting from a curated list of global environmental projects. Contribute to sustainability efforts and demonstrate your company’s commitment to the planet.

Emissions Display

Each reservation highlights the projected carbon emissions, steering you towards choices that are both environmentally and economically advantageous.

Carbon Certificates

Display your dedication to environmental sustainability with our certified carbon offset credentials, symbolizing your active role in global conservation efforts.

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Transform Your Corp sustainable

Revolutionize your corporate sustainability with BNW VoyagePro — making travel efficient, responsible, and eco-friendly.

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