Maximize Corporate Travel Savings with BNW VoyagePro

Empower your business with BNW VoyagePro. Streamline travel cost management, save time & money, and uplift employee well-being. Transform your travel strategy today!

Build Cost Control Policies With Ease

With BNW VoyagePro, build cost control policies and manage your travel costs effectively ensuring financial sustainability in your corporate travel program!

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Create Cost Control Policies & Filter Fares

Define Your Corporate Travel Policies

With VoyagePro you can create clear, concise travel guidelines to manage costs and maintain budget compliance effectively.

Showcase Your Compliant Fares

VoyagePro identifies fares that align with your policy, and display that they are compliant ensuring compliant bookings.

Tailored Policies

Create specific travel policies for individual team members or departments, allowing for customized expense limits and booking criteria.

Dynamic Policies

Create Policies based on fare, class, price, and geography providing you with all the flexibility you need to ensure booking compliance.

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Reduce Your Corporate Travel Costs Today!

Revolutionize your corporate travel expenditure with BNW VoyagePro — making it efficient, controlled, and cost-effective.

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