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Why You Should Join a Travel Host Agency in Canada in 2024

The Benefits of Joining a Host Agency

Joining a host agency offers numerous advantages for both new and experienced travel agents. This partnership can provide critical support, resources, and opportunities to enhance your career and business. Below, we explore the key benefits of aligning with a host agency.

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Access to Established Networks

Professional Connections

One of the most significant advantages of joining a host agency is gaining access to an extensive network of industry contacts. These connections can include airlines, hotels, tour operators, and other travel service providers. Having these professional relationships can simplify the booking process, provide better deals, and enhance the overall service you offer to your clients.

Marketing and Sales Support

Host agencies often have established marketing and sales teams that work to promote their affiliated agents. This support can include everything from providing marketing materials and running promotional campaigns to offering guidance on best practices for attracting and retaining clients. Such resources can be invaluable, especially for new agents looking to build their client base.

Enhanced Training and Education

Ongoing Professional Development

Continuous education is crucial in the ever-evolving travel industry. Host agencies typically offer a variety of training programs, webinars, and workshops to keep their agents up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and regulations. These educational opportunities can help you stay competitive and knowledgeable, ultimately improving your service quality.

Certification Programs

Many host agencies provide access to certification programs that can bolster your credentials and credibility. These programs often cover specialized areas such as luxury travel, corporate travel, or destination-specific expertise, allowing you to diversify your skills and attract a broader range of clients.

Financial and Administrative Benefits

Competitive Commission Splits

One of the most tangible benefits of joining a host agency is the potential for higher commission splits. Host agencies can negotiate better commission rates with suppliers due to their volume of business, and these savings are often passed on to their affiliated agents. This arrangement can significantly increase your earnings compared to working independently.

Administrative Support

Running a travel business involves a significant amount of administrative work, from managing bookings and payments to handling client inquiries and complaints. Host agencies typically provide administrative support, allowing you to focus more on selling travel and building relationships with your clients. This support can include access to booking systems, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and accounting services.

Access to Technology and Tools

Cutting-Edge Booking and CRM Systems

Host agencies provide their agents with access to sophisticated booking and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. These tools are vital for the efficient handling of bookings and customer interactions. Advanced systems streamline the reservation process, maintain detailed client profiles, and manage follow-up communications effectively. This technological support ensures that travel agents can operate with precision and responsiveness, enhancing the overall client experience.

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Marketing Automation Tools

In addition to robust booking systems, many host agencies offer marketing automation tools. These tools assist travel agents in deploying targeted email marketing campaigns, managing their social media presence, and tracking the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Automated marketing tools save time and enhance the consistency of marketing efforts, making it easier for agents to maintain a steady flow of client engagement and lead generation.

Comprehensive Training and Branded Solutions with BNW AgentConnect

Joining a host agency like BNW Travel can further amplify these technological advantages. BNW Travel offers an extensive platform called BNW AgentConnect, specifically designed for travel agents to optimize their business operations. This platform not only facilitates booking and client management but also integrates training modules right into the dashboard, ensuring agents have continuous access to professional development.

BNW AgentConnect is known for its robust features, including:

  • Live Commission Tracking: This feature allows agents to monitor their earnings in real-time, providing transparent views into commission statuses and pending payments, which enhances financial management and forecasting.
  • Customized Booking Engines: Agents receive access to customized booking engines. These portals are branded for the agency, offering a seamless customer experience that aligns with the agent's business identity. The platform supports comprehensive airline functionality, including booking all fare types, seat selection, and direct connections to major carriers.

Risk Mitigation and Security

Legal and Regulatory Support

Navigating the legal and regulatory aspects of the travel industry can be complex. Host agencies often provide support in these areas, helping you comply with industry standards and avoid legal issues. This support can include access to legal advice, compliance training, and assistance with licensing requirements.

Financial Security

Working with a host agency can provide a level of financial security that is difficult to achieve independently. Many host agencies offer financial protections, such as error and omission insurance, which can safeguard your business against potential liabilities. Additionally, the collective bargaining power of a host agency can help mitigate the financial risks associated with market fluctuations and economic downturns.


Joining a host agency offers numerous benefits that can enhance your career as a travel agent. From access to established networks and advanced technology to financial support and professional development, a host agency can provide the resources and opportunities needed to thrive in the competitive travel industry. By leveraging these advantages, you can focus on what you do best—creating unforgettable travel experiences for your clients.

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