BNW's Game-Changing NDC Strategy to Revolutionize Travel!

In the dynamic realm of travel management, staying ahead of the curve is essential. That's why BNW Travel, a leading Travel Management Company (TMC), has embraced IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC). As a pioneer in NDC adoption, BNW Travel is redefining travel content delivery and transforming the traveller experience.

Unveiling the Potential of NDC: A Game-Changer for Travellers

NDC, an innovative XML-based data transmission standard developed by IATA, empowers airlines to offer personalized and differentiated products to travellers. By expanding the range of price points, seat selection options and tailoring the shopping experience, NDC breaks the limitations of traditional Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and opens up a new era of possibilities for travellers.

Unlocking Benefits for All Stakeholders: The Future of Travel Content Delivery

The advantages of NDC extend beyond travellers to all players in the travel industry. For airlines, NDC enables faster time-to-market for unique offerings and enhances transparency throughout the booking process. With continuous pricing, airlines can offer an extensive array of price points, ensuring competitive and consistent pricing across various booking channels. This not only empowers travellers with more choices and better pricing but also enables corporate travel managers to negotiate personalized corporate deals, further enhancing the traveller experience.

BNW Travel's Trailblazing Approach to NDC

At BNW Travel, NDC is not just an opportunity—it's a driving force. They have fully embraced NDC and are committed to seamlessly delivering a wide range of content across all booking channels. With its industry-leading expertise, BNW Travel collaborates closely with stakeholders to maximize the potential benefits of NDC. By prioritizing the highest level of NDC certification, BNW Travel exemplifies its ability to provide end-to-end services, including booking, servicing, and handling flight disruptions.

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Shaping the Future of Travel Distribution

BNW Travel's dedication to innovation and design transcends NDC. They continually develop cutting-edge solutions that shape the future of travel distribution, ensuring their clients can harness the latest technologies and advancements. By partnering with BNW Travel, corporate travel managers can confidently navigate the complexities of NDC, unlock significant cost savings, elevate the traveller experience, and achieve enhanced travel policy compliance.

Conclusion BNW Travel's Visionary Path in NDC

BNW Travel's pioneering approach to NDC distinguishes them as a forward-thinking and innovative TMC. Their expertise and commitment to seamlessly delivering diverse content across all channels position them at the forefront of travel content delivery transformation. By embracing NDC, BNW Travel empowers corporate travel managers to enhance the traveller experience, negotiate personalized corporate deals, and shape the future of travel distribution. With BNW Travel as their trusted partner, businesses can confidently navigate the NDC landscape and embark on a journey of unparalleled personalization and dynamic travel experiences.

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