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Explaining Challenges of The NDC Transition: How Travel Agents Can Thrive


The travel industry is abuzz with anticipation and concerns as American Airlines prepares to implement a significant shift in its distribution strategy. The airline's plan to make 40% of its content exclusively available through New Distribution Capability (NDC)-enabled connections has the potential to disrupt the workflow of travel advisors and distribution partners. While some players express readiness to handle NDC-enabled bookings, others question the preparedness of American Airlines and Global Distribution Systems (GDSs). In this article, we will delve into the challenges faced by travel agencies and explore solutions, highlighting BNW Travel Management's AgentConnect as a viable option.

The Current Landscape

Many travel advisors are feeling a sense of anxiety regarding the potential disruptions that may arise from American Airlines' decision to limit access to 40% of its content through legacy GDS channels. There are lingering questions about the readiness of both American Airlines and the GDSs to fully support the wide range of NDC-enabled bookings. While American Airlines asserts its readiness to support and service NDC bookings, it acknowledges that the overall experience for customers and agencies will depend on the technical capabilities of their chosen technology partners.

Challenges for Travel Agencies

Travel agencies, especially leisure agencies and Travel Management Companies (TMCs), are facing several challenges as they adapt to the NDC transition. One of the primary concerns is the limited time provided for building NDC-compatible technology. The implementation timeline may not be sufficient for leisure agencies and TMCs to fully develop and integrate their own NDC-compatible solutions. Additionally, there is uncertainty about which fare classes American Airlines will withhold from legacy channels, further complicating the transition process.

The technical barriers within the NDC ecosystem pose another significant challenge for travel agencies. The complexity of delivering essential services and capabilities, particularly for corporate travel requirements, is amplified by the current state of the NDC infrastructure. Achieving NDC readiness becomes especially challenging for companies with complex travel needs, such as those in managed corporate travel.

Solutions and the Role of BNW Travel's AgentConnect

While the NDC transition presents challenges, solutions and alternatives are emerging to ease the process for travel agencies. BNW Travel Management's AgentConnect offers a robust booking and management solution tailored for travel agents, providing a way forward amidst the changing landscape.

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AgentConnect addresses the concerns raised by the American Airlines NDC transition and offers a range of key features that help travel agencies navigate the challenges:

  1. Invoicing & Reports: Simplify the tracking and documentation of travel expenses, ensuring streamlined accounting processes and efficient reimbursement management.
  2. Live Commission Tracking: Provide real-time commission tracking, empowering travel agents to optimize their earnings by gaining insight into their commission status and performance.
  3. Full Airline Functionality: Access comprehensive airline booking features, including the ability to book all fare types and select seats. Benefit from live support and direct connections to major carriers like Air Canada and WestJet.
  4. Support: Gain access to a dedicated support system, offering resources such as tutorials, tips, FAQs, and corporate templates. Receive timely assistance to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.
  5. Seamless Commissions: Experience the convenience of receiving seamless data on commissions, with AgentConnects dashboard, you can track all of your earned commissions. With BNW, travel agents can say goodbye to being in the dark and enjoy the benefits of seamless commission earnings. Gain access to a dedicated support system, offering resources such as tutorials, tips, and FAQs,. Receive timely assistance to ensure a smooth and efficient operation, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients while maximizing your earnings.


The upcoming transition to NDC by American Airlines presents both challenges and opportunities for travel agencies. While concerns remain about the readiness of the airline and GDSs, solutions like BNW Travel Management's AgentConnect offer a pathway forward. By leveraging AgentConnect, travel agencies can navigate the NDC landscape with confidence, delivering excellent service and a wide range of options to their clients.

In the face of the changing distribution landscape, embracing innovative solutions like BNW Travel Management's AgentConnect is vital for travel agencies to stay competitive and provide the best travel experiences for their customers.

Learn more about BNW Travel Management's AgentConnect and explore the possibilities it offers in the evolving world of travel distribution. With AgentConnect, travel agencies can overcome the challenges of NDC and continue to thrive in the dynamic travel industry.

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