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Top 5 Travel Agencies in Surrey, BC

Embarking on a journey soon and looking for the best travel agency in Surrey, BC to plan your trip? Here's a curated list of top travel agencies that will ensure your travel experience is hassle-free and memorable.

What are Surrey’s Top 5 Travel Agencies?

1. BNW Travel Management

BNW Travel Management holds the premier spot as a leader in providing travel management solutions. This agency transcends ordinary travel services with its innovative hybrid solutions allowing you to book over the phone or online and always keep track of your bookings live on their site. Feel free to call at (604) 687-4269.  Explore BNW Travel

Why They're Number One

  • Customer Service: A relentless dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Innovative Technology: State-of-the-art booking management tool for their clients allowing you to browse all your booking information live on their website.
  • Industry Experience: Over two decades of experience in the travel industry.

2. Gill International Travel

Gill International Travel is a favorite in Surrey, BC. With a consistent presence in the top lists for travel services, they have proven to be a go-to for reliable travel arrangements.

3. Karen Tatum - Tatum's Tailored Trips

Karen Tatum offers a unique and personalized approach to travel planning. Known for creating bespoke travel experiences, Tatum’s service is ideal for those looking for tailored trips.

4. Flight Centre

Flight Centre is renowned for its extensive range of travel services. This global brand is recognized for providing exceptional travel deals and professional travel advice.

5. Galaxy Travel Ltd.

Galaxy Travel Ltd. specializes in securing the most economical and comfortable flights. They are particularly noted for their expertise in business and economy class bookings.


Embarking on your next travel adventure should be exciting, not stressful. By choosing one of Surrey, BC's top travel agencies, you're ensuring that your trip planning is in expert hands. Whether you're looking for tailored travel experiences or the best deals in airfare, these agencies have the expertise to meet your needs.

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