Exploring the Latest Trends in Corporate Travel: A 2023 Overview for Travel Managers and Agents

As the world progresses towards 2024, the corporate travel landscape continues to evolve rapidly. After the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there's a resurgence in business travel, with new trends and developments emerging. This article delves into these latest trends, offering insights for travel managers and agents to navigate this changing terrain effectively.

Airlines and Airports: Recent Developments

Qantas Launches New Routes

Qantas is introducing direct flights from Australia to Paris in July 2024, providing new opportunities for corporate travel in the Olympic lead-up. This route will operate all year round, offering a convenient connection between Sydney, Perth, and Paris.

Qatar Airways Enhances In-Flight Connectivity

Qatar Airways partners with Starlink for fast, free WiFi on flights, promising ultra-fast internet speeds across their global network. This development highlights the increasing importance of connectivity in corporate travel.

Melbourne Airport’s Expansion

Virgin Australia is investing $81 million to expand the Virgin Australia Arrivals Hall at Melbourne Airport, aiming to enhance the passenger experience significantly by 2025.

Singapore Airlines Increases Flight Frequency

To meet growing demand, Singapore Airlines is adding a fifth daily flight between Singapore and Sydney from October 2024, returning to pre-pandemic levels and offering more options for corporate travelers.

Air Canada's Expanded Services

Air Canada is increasing its flights on the Brisbane-Vancouver and Sydney-Vancouver routes, using larger aircraft and offering more frequent services, reflecting a recovery in travel demand.

Corporate Travel Budgets: A Return to Pre-COVID Levels

According to Morgan Stanley Research, corporate travel expenditures are bouncing back, with many companies already reaching pre-pandemic spending levels. The survey indicates a significant demand from small companies, potentially benefiting low-cost airlines. Travel budgets are expected to be approximately 98% of 2019 levels in 2023.

Smaller Companies Lead Demand

Small companies are driving the demand for corporate travel, with 68% expecting to increase their travel budgets next year. This trend could favor low-cost carriers and localized travel.

Airfares and Room Rates on the Rise

Despite a 9% increase in corporate airfares and a 20-25% spike in room rates since 2019, these hikes aren't deterring corporate bookings. Hotels, however, face economic challenges, with companies opting for more budget-friendly accommodations or alternative lodging options like short-term rentals.

Virtual Meetings Persist

Around 18% of corporate travel is being replaced by virtual meetings, a trend expected to continue due to cost and environmental benefits.

The Emergence of New Corporate Travel Trends

Bleisure Travel Gains Momentum

The blend of business and leisure, known as 'bleisure' travel, is on the rise. This trend, fueled by remote work and the desire for a better work-life balance, offers significant benefits for employee satisfaction and retention. Companies are encouraged to adapt their policies to promote bleisure travel, offering flexibility and incentives.

Self-Booking in Corporate Travel

Self-booking is increasingly popular among corporate travelers, especially millennials. Companies can leverage this trend for higher employee satisfaction and cost efficiency. However, it's crucial to integrate self-booking within corporate travel policies effectively.

Embracing Sustainable Travel

Sustainability is a key focus, with companies aiming to reduce their travel-related carbon footprint. This includes efforts to decrease environmental impact through eco-friendly travel policies and carbon offsetting initiatives.

Technology as a Catalyst

Advancements in technology, including AI, blockchain, and biometric solutions, are streamlining travel management, improving security, and enhancing the overall travel experience.

Remote Work and Hub Travel

The shift towards remote work is reshaping business travel. Companies are reallocating funds to support company retreats and events, necessitating adaptations in travel policies to ensure safety and optimize budgets.


As we navigate these evolving trends, the importance of adaptability and innovation in corporate travel management cannot be overstated. Travel managers and agents need to stay informed and responsive to these changes, ensuring they offer the best solutions and experiences to their clients. With the right strategies and tools, the travel industry can not only recover but thrive in this dynamic environment.

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