A Comprehensive Guide to Implementing Travel Management Software

The transition to modern, cloud-based travel management software marks a significant milestone for any organization. This guide, enriched with BNW Travel's expertise, outlines the strategic approach to successfully adopting such software, ensuring a swift and efficient onboarding process leading to full adoption within 60 days.

Best Practices for Effective Software Implementation

Embarking on the journey of implementing travel management software, such as BNW VoyagePro or similar platforms, requires a structured approach. Here’s how to ensure a smooth transition:

Setting Clear Objectives

  • Goal Definition: Establish clear objectives for adopting the software, like improving cost control, streamlining booking processes, or enhancing compliance with travel policies.

Comprehensive Training

  • Employee Education: Provide extensive training to ensure users are proficient in utilizing the software for various functions like booking flights, using mobile apps, and managing approvals.

Encouraging Adoption

  • Incentivizing Use: Foster software adoption by offering rewards for compliance and utilizing the new system for all travel-related activities.

Monitoring Usage

  • Usage Analysis: Track how employees engage with the software to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for cost optimization.

Continuous Enhancement

  • Feedback Integration: Regularly solicit user feedback to refine and enhance the software usage, aligning it more closely with organizational needs.

Strategies to Ensure Compliance and User Satisfaction

Adopting new technology in the fast-paced business world demands additional measures to ensure widespread adoption and satisfaction:

Mandating Software Use

  • Enforced Adoption: Mandate the use of travel management software for enhanced compliance, safety, and financial efficiency.

Offering Incentives

  • Rewards Program: Implement a rewards system to encourage economical booking decisions, as demonstrated by EMJ's success with the Navan Rewards program.

Integrating Travel and Expense Management

  • Streamlined Processes: Choose a platform that combines travel management and expense tracking for improved visibility, compliance, and user experience.

Addressing Common Implementation Questions

Anticipate and prepare for frequently asked questions to smooth the transition for employees:

  1. Question on Pricing Discrepancies: Explain that direct airline pricing through the software ensures consistent savings and better travel management.
  2. Basic Economy Queries: Clarify why Basic Economy options are excluded due to their restrictive nature and additional charges for essential business travel needs.
  3. Platform Adoption Resistance: Emphasize the unified and user-friendly experience of the chosen software, highlighting its comprehensive travel options and rewards integration.

Essential Resources for Seamless Software Adoption

To maximize the benefits of travel management software, access the right resources:

Customer Support

  • Information Hub: Utilize the provider's library of support materials, including how-to videos and product updates, for optimal platform usage.

Live Training Sessions

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in live training to familiarize large teams quickly with the software, especially beneficial for finance teams managing expenses and policy enforcement.

Dedicated Consultant

  • Expert Guidance: Consider a dedicated consultant for personalized assistance in implementing the tool and driving adoption, proven to enhance business outcomes.


By following these guidelines, your organization can effectively implement travel management software, like BNW VoyagePro, ensuring streamlined processes, cost savings, and comprehensive oversight of travel spend. Embrace these strategies to revolutionize your approach to business travel and achieve 100% software adoption.

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